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International Journal on Life science and Bioengineering

International Journal on Life science and Bioengineering


International Journal on Life science and Bioengineering is published twice a year, with the main aim / objective of advancing research in Plant cell, animal cell, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Microbial Genetics and Biotechnology. The peer reviewed research paper are published in the areas of Plant cell, Biochemistry, Animal cell, Molecular biology, Microbial and Molecular genetics, DNA finger printing, Micro propagation, and plant biotechnology including plant genetic engineering and genomics. Review articles in the above mentioned areas are also published.

The following types of papers are considered for publication:

  • Original research works in the above-mentioned fields.
  • Few review papers will be published if the author had done considerable Work in that area.
  • Abstract is also published related to Life science research.

Editorial Board Members

Editor-in- Chief: Dr. Aarti Bhardwaj,
Dean & Associate Professor
Faculty of Life Sciences
Institute of Applied Medicine and Research, Ghaziabad
Editor: Er. Rajya Vardhan Tripathi (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Swati Tyagi(Assistant Professor)
Faculty of Life Sciences
Institute of Applied Medicine and Research, Ghaziabad
Managing Editor: Dr. Monika Bajpai(Assistant Professor)
Dr. Mohit Kamthania(Assistant Professor)
Faculty of Life Sciences
Institute of Applied Medicine and Research, Ghaziabad

Advisory Board - International

Prof. Ju-Suk Nam
Ph.D ,Institute of Skeletal Aging & Orthopedic Surgery
Hallym University, Korea
Dr. Pushpa Yadav Assistant Professor of Biology
Dept. of Natural Science & Engg.
Middle Georgia State College Macon, GA
Dr. Jagpal Singh
University of Rochester
New York
Dr. Ashish Ranjan Sharma
Institute of Skeletal Aging and Orthopedic Surgery
Hallym University, Chuncheon, Korea
Dr. Bilal Ahmed
Assistant Professor
Aljouf University
Saudi Arabia
Dr. Shalini Singh
University of Rochester
New York

Advisory Board - National

Prof. A. K. Srivastava
Department of Botany
CCS University Meerut
Dr. S. S. Gaurav
Head Department of Biotechnology
CCS university Meerut
Dr. Anju Pal
Scientist Medicinal Plants
KVK Dhanauri, Haridwar GB Pant
Dr. Dinesh
Division of Biochemistry
IARI, New Delhi
Dr. Anju Shrivastava
Department of Zoology
University of Delhi
Prof. M. Z. Abdin
Department of Biotechnology
Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi
Dr. Vinay Sharma
Head, Department of Biotechnology
Banasathali Vidiyapeeth,
Dr. Ritu Agarwal
Head, Department of Botany
MS College Saharanpur
Dr. Veena Gupta
Principal Scientist
NBPGR, New Delhi
Dr. Biplab Sarkar
Senior Scientest
National Institute of Abiotic stress Management
ICAR Maharastra
Dr. Narendra Sharma
Sriventashevara University
Gazrolla, Amroha


  • One of the aim of the journals is to bring out research in Life science with wider scope.
  • Emphasizes to bring out research articles that seek to uncover the science underlying technological advances.
  • International Journal on Life science and Bioengineering aims to cover all major works related to Life science.


  • Offering rapid review and publication, mostly the submitted papers will be published twice in a year.
  • Online availability throughout the year enabling the user to download articles.
  • Free to publish methodology adopted, no article process fee charged.

Frequency of Publication

International Journal on Life science and Bioengineering is published as a half yearly journal. Special editions are also planned subjected to the scope and need. Currently International Journal on Life science and Bioengineering is also publishing peer reviewed papers of International and National level conferences conducted by various research and academic institutions.

Article Processing

All submitted articles will be initially subjected to editorial procedures, if found suitable for publishing will be sent to reviewers for peer review. Authors are also invited to suggest at least three potential reviewers who can review their articles. It is not mandatory for the editor to send the articles only to the reviewer referred by authors; it is at discretion of the editor to send articles to any reviewer of his/ her choice. Once the review process is over and the article is accepted authors will be intimated over mail with the galley proof which the author is insisted to reply within 5 days of time, after which the article will be sent for publishing.

Copyright/ Authority

‘International Journal on Life science and Bioengineering” a peer-reviewed Bi-Annual journal of the Institute of Applied Medicines and Research and therefore Institute reserves the copyright of all the contents of the Journal. Authors are also instructed to submit the copyright transfer form once the article is accepted for publication, without which the articles will not be processed. Author can download the copyright transfer form here; duly filled form should be submitted to iamrgzb.com . With pleasure we invite you to contribute research paper/an article to ‘International Journal on Life science and Bioengineering” a peer-reviewed Bi- Annual journal of the Institute of Applied Medicines and Research.

Call for Research Papers/Articles

With pleasure we invite you to contribute research paper/an article to ‘International Journal on Life science and Bioengineering” a peer-reviewed Bi- Annual journal of the Institute of Applied Medicines and Research. The aim of this journal is to provide a platform for researchers and professionals from diverse domains of biological sciences to share innovative research achievements & practical experiences to stimulate scholarly debate in the development of science. This Journal is dedicated to publish high quality research papers providing meaningful insights in life sciences both in Indian as well as global context. Original research papers, conceptual articles, case studies and book reviews are always welcome. We invite you and your esteemed colleagues and research scholars to contribute papers to the journal. You may send one copy of your research paper/article in the form of MS Word file attached to an E-mail to: ijlifescience@gmail.com

Volume 7(I) (2020)

Star fruit (Averrhoa Carambola) juice: reduction of oxalic acid content by ohmic heating Download
Application of aloe vera gel as a novel edible coat for fresh fruits: A mini review Download
Algae in generation of biofuels and wastewater treatment: An overview Download
Rapid detection of MDR- tuberculosis by CBNAAT Download
Covid-19 an enigma which has engulfed the world Download
Effect of Drought Stress on Proline and Relative water content in Drought Tolerant and Drought Sensitive Barley Cultivars Download
Fungal Otomycosis in Swimmers Download
The Role of Cyclin D1 Gene in Head and Neck Carcinoma Download

Volume 6(II) (2019)

A study to check the status of enterotoxin production by Staphylococcus aureus in milk and milk products. Download
Antibacterial Screening of Plant Extracts against Biochemically Characterized Bacteria isolated from Different Public Sites Download
Ascorbic Acid As A Protective Agent For Plants Against Ultraviolet Radiation Download
Effects of Liquid Amla Curd Organic Bio manure (LACOB) on Growth and Yield of Turnip (Brassica rapa) Download
Vitamin D Scenario in healthy community of India. Download

Volume 6(I) (2019)

Anemia in Pregnancy in the United Arab Emirates Download
Annotation of the microalgae genomes fatty acid biosynthesis gene discovery and pathway description for production of next-generation biofuels Download
Effects of Feeding Asparagus Racemosus on Animal Product and Productivity Download
Regeneration study in Solanum lycopersicum Download
Synergistic Effect of Guggul-liposomes Lipid Nano-Vesicles for the Treatment Download

Volume 5(II) (2018)

Impact of Gadgets on Children's Development Download
Dengue Viruses at a Glance Download
Design of Epitope- based vaccine for Dengue virus using immunoinformatic approach Download
In Vitro Germination and Tissue Culture Protocol Establishment For Canabbis sativa L. Download
Olanzapine Derivatives as Inhibitors for 5-HT2A Receptor Download
Organic Farming over Chemical Farming in Sustainable Agricultural Download

Volume 5(I) (2018)

Current scenario of biofuels in India Download
Antibacterial activity of some traditionally Used medicinal plants against Escherichia coli Download
Cytosolic proteome changes in dehydrated and rehydrated Anabaena PCC7120 Download

Volume 4(II) (2017)

An Annotated Checklist of Lepidopterean fauna of foothills of Central Aravalli ranges, Rajasthan Download
Biochemical and Molecular Characterization of PME from Grand Naine Variety of Banana Download
Combined effects of some vegetable peel extracts may produce synergistic effects Download
Screening of antibacterial activity of plants Download

Volume 4(I) (2017)

New-fangled record of Lesser Flamingo (Phoeniconaias minor) Geoffroy Saint- Hilaire 1798 from Gundolav Sagar (Lake), Kishangarh, Ajmer, India Download
Monoclonal antibody to 32kDa recombinant outer membrane protein of L. interrogans Icterohaemorrhagiae: a reagent for diagnosis of leptospirosis Download
Plant Plastid Engineering: A tool for Crop improvement Download
Drug Target identification using Subtractive genomics hybrid with Phylogenetic profiling in Aspergillus fumigatus Download
Phytochemicals of Vigna species : A Short Review Download

Volume 3(II) (2016)

Phyto-veterinary Medicinal plants used in Ghaziabad District Download
Effects of Eucalyptus exudates on Vigna mungo L. and V. radiata L. Download
Moringa plant powder as a sports nutrient for boosting and enduring the athletes Download
Screening of antibacterial activity of traditionally used medicinal plants against Download
Evaluation of E. coli bacteria in different food samples Download
B.bassiana and A.indica Potential Bioremedial Agents For Heavy Metals Contamination Download

Volume 3(I) (2016)

Role of Genetically Modified Food in Life Download
Root pathogens of arid legumes Download
Antimicrobial Activity Of Bottle Brush Plant Extract Against Drug Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Download
Biosensors Applications in Food Industry Download
Antibacterial Activity Of Petroleum Ether Nimboli Extract Of Azadirachta Indica (Neem) On Growth Properties Of Bacteria Download
Effect of Azadirachta Indica (Neem Plant) On Microbes Download

Volume 2(I) (2015)

Chloroquine resistance markers in Plasmodium falciparum Download
Meiotic Studies in Heteropogon contortus (L.) Beauv. ex Roem. et Schult Download
Utilization of agro-industrial by-product for xylanase production from Melanocarpus albomyces Download
Thermal stability and thermodynamics of xylanase from Melanocarpus albomyces in presence of polyols and salts Download
PHYTOCHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF Tribulus terrestris L. (GOKHRU) Download
Regionally unbiased restricted polymorphism in T-helper cell epitopic regions of Circumsporozoite protein of Plasmodium falciparum isolates from India. Download
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