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Probiotics: Let’s build up our gut

Probiotics are those living microorganisms that amount to health benefits for us when ingested. See,often people think of bacteria & other microorganisms as harmful germs but many are beneficial for us.Some help in digesting food, destroy disease-causing cells, etc. It is said that gut health is thekey to overall health.

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Understanding IELTS preparation strategies:

If you are planning to study abroad or move to another country to work or live, you may be asked to prove your English language ability with the IELTS test. IELTS is one of the world’s leading English tests. It is recognised by more than 10,000 organisations globally.

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The downfall of Danone’s – learning for dairy industry new entrants

India is the largest producer and largest customer of dairy products in the world. India accounts for about one-fifth of global milk produced. India is followed by the US, China, Pakistan and Brazil. In 2018, India produced 186 million metric tonnes of milk, or approximately 410 billion pounds, accounting for 22 percent of global milk production.

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Impact on skill development in students amid COVID:

University and college campuses are places where students live and study in close proximity to each other. With the rapid spread of the coronavirus outbreak in the last two years, universities have been hit hard and education officials have been forced to cancel face-to-face classes and close the doors of campuses around the world.

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