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Why choose IAMR for Physiotherapy courses

Physiotherapists help and treat people of all ages with physical problems caused by illness, accident or ageing.In today’s world, everyone one’s lifestyle is becoming more and more sedentary either due to the work load or due to lack of time for exercise. And because of this there is greater incidence of orthopedic problems in individuals. Sometimes these problems are due to job profile for example computer workers usually have a painful neck and back. So to relieve this along with medicines there is a need for correct exercise training and education about correct posture which can only be provided by a physiotherapist. Similarly problems like arthritis, muscle pain, back pain are some of the problems which can be rehabilitated only by a physiotherapist.

The attainment of clinical competence is the key outcome of physiotherapy teaching. Clinical education forms the core components of the training of physiotherapy students.
We at IAMR value the fact that physiotherapy offers the opportunity to learn by doing. All our attempts are made to provide clinical experience through experts who actually practice on ground. Problem based learning and case-based approach to teaching are the highlight of our teaching learning process.
We also focus on peer learning in which we make a team on intellectually stimulating learners who value the challenge of learning together and make them work as a team to solve a case/a problem and acquire hands on experience with the guidance of practicing physiotherapist.
We also practice vygotskian principle of scaffold learning in which the member os syndicate are encourage to learn from each other. Our students work on recent developments and newer technologies as topic beyond syllabus through visit to hospitals and talk by guest speakers. We maintain a balance between students’ expectations and ground reality to make the students satisfied.

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