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Dr. Monika Bajpai

Assistant Professor

Educational Qualification:

M.Sc, Ph.D


Academic: 5 Years Research: 5 Years


Published a patent application (Application number 201611001886) entitled “Microbial remediation of hydrocarbon compounds (Engine oil)”.


Shivani Yadav, Navneet Barnwal,Govind Kumar Rai, Monika Bajpai, Neha Prakash Rai, “In vitro propagation of golden berry (Physalis peruviana L.): A Review” Vegetable Science 2019, 46(1&2):78.


1. Navneet Barnwal, Shivani Yadav, Neha Prakash Rai, Monika Bajpai “Moringa oleifera: An Exhaustive Survey” European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research 2019, 6(6), 867-877.

2. Monika Shukla Bajpai, Neha Gupta, Suresh Kaushik, Vimlendu Bhushan Sinha, Rita Singh Majumdar “Biochemical adaptations of Ocimum sanctum L to varying HgCl  Stress”, Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment Vol 20 (12), 2016.

3. Monika Shukla Bajpai, Rita Singh Majumdar “Non Enzymatic Biochemical Response of Ocimum sanctum against Sodium Chloride Stress, Innovare Journal of Sciences Vol 4 ( 4),2016.

4. Monika Shukla Bajpai, Neha Gupta, Rita Singh Majumdar (2016), “Biochemical Adaptations of Ocimum sanctum to NaCl stress” Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment Vol 20 (2), 2016.

5. Neha Gupta, Monika Shukla Bajpai, Rita Singh Majumdar and Dinesh Singh (2016), “Effect of exogenous iodine on enhancement of oxidative stress in soybean Glycine max plant and partial expression of 1-Cys peroxiredoxin gene under heat –stress condi- tions” Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 86 (5): 686–90.

6. Hari Ojha, Monika Shukla Bajpai, Neha Gupta, Simendra Singh and Pankaj Kishor Mishra (2014) Proteomic Analysis in Seeds of in vitro Cultured Glycine max L. cv. Mer- rill Grown under Cadmium Stress, Indian Journal of Agriculture Biochemistry, 28:1, 77- 80.

7. Neha Gupta, Monika Shukla Bajpai, Rita Singh Majumdar and Pankaj K Mishra (2015) Response of Iodine on Antioxidant Levels of Glycine max L. seeds grown under Cd2+ stress. Advances in Biological Research 9 (1): 40-48.

8. Neha Gupta, Monika Shukla Bajpai, Pankaj Kishor Mishra, Rita Singh Majumdar (2014) Study of Seed Germination and Protein Content of Four Varieties of Glycine max L.–A Miracle Crop. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Biotechnology. 4: 12-14.

9. Neha Gupta, Monika Shukla Bajpai, Rita Singh Majumdar and Pankaj K Mishra (2013) 1-Cysteine Peroxiredoxin: A Less Studied Member of Peroxiredoxin In Plants. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Bio Sciences 4: 222 – 229.

10. Rita Singh Majumdar, Monika Shukla, Pankaj Kishor Mishra (2011) Cellular Ion Ho- meostasis Mechanism in Salt tolerant Plants, Indian Journal of Agricultural Biochemistry 24, (2) 83-90.

11. Monika Shukla, Vivek Kumar, Shivesh Kumar (2006) Enzymatic Activities of Azoto- bacter chroococcum & survival in Chlorpyrifos Amended Sterile and Non-sterile Soils. Cameroon Journal of Experimental Biology Vol. 02 N° 02, 88-94.

Book Chapter:

Prediction of Co-regulated genes in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis using Microarray expression profile published in Plant Protection and Biotechnology.


Participated in “International Conference on Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology” held on 7-8 Feb 2020 in Institute of Applied Medicines & Research, Ghaziabad and presented poster on Novel Strategies For Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer”.

Participated and won Best Poster award in an International Conference on “Recent Trends in Chemical Sciences” in Banswara, Rajasthan, held on 28- 29 Nov, 2016.

Participated and presented a paper in a National Conference on “Ethics, Copyrights & Plagiarism in Research & Publications” in Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, Janakpuri, and New Delhi on Aug 8, 2015.

Submitted an abstract “Biogenic synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles” to X Annual Conference of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists U.P. Chapter held on 1 Feb, 2014 in Sharda University.

Attended an International conference on “Bioproducts and Omics Revolution” or- ganized by Jaypee Institute of Information and Technology, Noida on March 16- 17, 2013.

Presented a Poster entitled ”Biological Systems As Nanoparticle Bioreactors” in a National conference organized by Research and Training Development Cell, Sharda University in 2012.

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