Physiotherapy Fresher 2023

IAMR- physiotherapy department organized the fresher party- "avirbhavaon" on 21st Jan'2023. This is the great gathering organized by the senior physiotherapy students of the IAMR-physiotherapy Department. IAMR-PHYSIOTHERAPY is thankful to Secretary Sir- Mr. Sanjay Bansal, Joint Secretary - Mrs. Anshu Bansal, and Director sir- Dr. P. K. Vashishta giving us blessing for the future betterment of the upcoming physiotherapists. Thanks to Dr. Shagun Agrawal for his warm blessings to the future of the nation and for the get-together freshers party- "avirbhavaon".\

Tag holders
Mr. Fresher and Ms. Fresher - Avinash and Anushikha
Mr. and Ms. Personality- Gaurav and Priya
Mr. and Ms. Talent- Arman and Aastha sharma
Mr. and Ms. Performer- Arshalan and Reema

Congratulations and lot of blessings to the tag holders, keep growing in their life to achieve heights.